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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

College Fairs

College Fairs are really a great way to get information about many colleges all in one place. We have one in the Fall, and I think over 200 colleges show up. You can collect information, ask questions, and usually meet admissions representatives. We went with my son the Fall of his Senior year in High School. He did have a list of colleges he wanted to get info. from. One school he was looking at for a writing program had only published authors as professors. The interesting thing was that while we were waiting in in to talk with someone from the school, we overheard the admissions rep tell another student that after 2 years at the college, then each student could 'apply' to the writing program. We just could not see going to college for 2 years, then having the possibility of never getting into the major program you wanted. Needless to say my son crossed this school off his list, and we did not have to take time to even visit that particular school. If there is a college fair in your area, definitely go when your teen is a junior or senior and take advantage of the day!

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