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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I was recently surprised to learn about Superscoring on ACT and SAT tests.
My daughter took the ACT twice hoping to raise her scores.
Although she got higher scores in a couple subjects, it was not enough to bump up the average, so her overall score stayed the same. This 1 point difference could really impact some of the scholarships she might be eligible for.
What I did not realize was that some schools will take both test scores, and take the higher scores from each subject area and average those out.
I checked out the schools my daughter was thinking of applying to, and the 3 private schools did Superscore! When I recalculated the scores, my daughter would now get that critical 1 point higher.
Well, needles to say we are very happy. I learned something I did not know (just proving my point that there is so much to know about all this college stuff!).
I would recommend taking a test twice if you think your child can improve even in one subject.
For SAT info:
For ACT info:

Good luck!