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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring Break!

It is almost Spring Break for most High School students. Vacation? Hah!
NO, Spring Break for Juniors is prime college visit time; really!
We have one lined up so far, but my goal is to at least get to 2 colleges. If your teen does not know what they want to study, then I suggest staying within 1-2 hours of home and maybe pick one public and one private school. It is also a good idea to pick one larger school and a smaller one. There really are different vibes of schools, and your child will get a feel for what size/type of school they like.
The great thing about most Spring Breaks is that many of the colleges are in session and both you and your student can see how the campus really is when students are there and classes are going on.
 Look online for school visit days, or call some of the schools to get something set up. Most campuses have visits on the weekdays, and there are always some Saturday times as well.
I will have some more tips for your visits in the next day or two, but start thinking about it!

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