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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dorm in a Box

I will soon be posting a checklist of items to take to college. There are quite a few companies that will sell you a "Dorm in a Box". The college will usually send you flyers in the mail, and at orientations there is usually a table or booth with representatives from these companies.
Most dorms use an XL twin bed, so you have to get new sheets. Some of the package deals can be pretty good for sheets, comforters, etc.
Some of the packages are more expensive, but can be worth it. I found that I did not need all of the items these packages included. I did buy a sheet set from the company that the college recommended, and I bought a shower caddy set.
Just take a good look at what you are being offered. Do you need all of the items in the package? Could you buy the items cheaper yourself? Take into account all the running around you may have to do to make these purchases. Then decide!

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